November 14, 2022…Today, in the Lesotho National Broadcasting Services (LNBS) Studios, the Honourable Minister Nthati Moorosi, who was accompanied by PS and Management met Radio and Television staff. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues that seem to be a hinge for a daily production.

This is a second face to face meeting with the Minister after meeting Management in the past week. Minister Nthati Moorosi is in the process of visiting all departments under the Ministry of Information, Communications, Science, Technology and Innovation (MICSTI) to enhance better services, find challenges and address obstacles for moving forward as well as to explore strategies to work better for the Ministry.

The staff of LNBS addressed their issues directly to the Minister, pointing out issues that hinder them from their day to day production and asked the Minister and management to make the working environment a better place for employees.

During the meeting, LNBS staff outlined that there is shortage of equipment, that they need more trainings for new equipment and a motivation of good salary, permanent jobs equivalent to their qualifications and experience. They also asked the Minister to accept sponsorships from parastatals including that of make up, clothing, equipments as some of these help them to better brand the Ministry while also uplift their morale.

The staff continued to ask for support from office assistants to top management as this hierarchy will also help in delegation and supervision of their daily duties. This will also play a major role in oneness and promote conducive environment.To know where, when and to whom to find a relevant direction and vision for LNBS. “If the management of LNBS has a clear vision and understanding of what we want to achieve, these challenges will be easy to overcome and bring up strategies to enhance broadcasting,” said one of the employees.

Mr. Tlali Manosa, Chief Engineer showed that equipment used in for the LNBS is very fragile, needs maintenance time and again. He outlined that procurement procedures at times limit their work as they take too long to be approved for maintenance or buying of something new to run on a daily basis.
“The challenges we face at times include that of Revenue Services Lesotho (RSL) where they take too long to release equipment for the television and radio after maintenance in South Africa. If possible, can this procedures be limited as to shorten the time that the equipment is out of studio and limits work.” Mr. Manosa said.

After listening to staff, the Minister concluded that there needs to be a change for LNBS to function, both teams (management and employees) shoud move forward aligning with the 21st century with a clear structure and plans of work.

“All these should happen in a visible way so that every plan attracts sponsorships with revised and entertaining programs for growth of LNBS,” the Minister said.

She promised staff that the office and the management will have to find a way as soon as possible to address issues on hand before they take a wrong turn, for a broadcast to be improved. “From this point, knowing challenges you are faced with, as the current Minister, i promise to work for change.” she emphasised.


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