May 10, 2022...The Minister of Communications, Science and Technology (MCST), Honourable Tšoinyana Rapapa officiated a three-day cyber security capacity building workshop held in Maseru starting today, Tuesday.

In his opening speech, the Minister highlighted the importance of conducting cybersecurity capacity in an attempt to assess the state of Lesotho’s readiness concerning cyber space.

He mentioned that engagement of Cybersecurity Capacity Centre for Southern Africa (C3SA) at the University of Cape Town, hand in glove with Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) at the University of Oxford will ensure provision of expertise so as to ensure quality deliverables.

The rapid growth of technology has left all vulnerable to different sorts of crimes happening in the Cyber space such as cyber bullying, invasion of privacy and fraud to mention but a few, the more reason why Lesotho and the world at large should stay alert in terms of security.

Above all, Honourable Rapapa stated that doing business on line has also become order of the day, hence the need to create an enabling environment so as to attract investors while also ensuring proper policies.

Also speaking, Professor Wallace Chigona  of C3SA expressed his worry saying Africa is not secured and the need to be secured in terms of its systems is key if it is to relate with other countries of the world.

Present at the workshop included LCA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Nizam Goolam who thanked participants, saying the workshop marks the start of fruitful  attainment of cyber status in Lesotho.

This workshop has been organised by MCST in collaboration with Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA). For the next two days, various sectors of the society will be sharing their perceptions towards the matter so that situational analysis is undertaken.

Upon completion of the workshop, a detailed report will be produced by C3SA and GCSCC. It will define the Lesotho cybersecurity context.

The report will further give a summary of findings for each factor and aspect, outlines the stages of cybersecurity maturity and provides recommendations. This will enable the country to advance cybersecurity capacity.


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