Dec 14, 2021--“Elections are very crucial in every democratic country yet very delicate matter if not handled well.” These words were said by the Minister of Communications, Science and Technology (MCST), Honourable Tsóinyana Rapapa at the official opening of a one day capacity building workshop for political Journalists held In Berea today.

He  applauded organisers’ of this workshop namely: US Embassy Lesotho together with MISA Lesotho, saying the workshop is essential in terms of allowing Journalists to familiarise themselves with different political parties manifestoes for their understanding, and to establish how best information is disseminated in line with different party manifestoes using simplicity in communication.

On one hand, Honourable Rapapa stated the need for the media, particularly political Journalists to understand the key role they play in line with Mass Communication Theory known as Hypodermic Needle Theory (HNT), this means that political journalists can cause danger if they fail to provide relevant information. However, with correct information, the nation will understand and with time make informed decisions.

On the other hand, he noted the need for politicians to avail information for reasons of transparency and accountability. This cannot be realised if there is lack of understanding on how the Government and political parties work, including their concepts and approaches. “The fact that National Media Policy, 2021 has been adopted, shows our commitment in ensuring that media operate without any form of intimidation,” he said.000 

In the same way, MISA Lesotho National Director, Mr. Lekhetho Makhanya Ntsukunyane stressed that MISA is  committed in ensuring media transformation, hence their partnership with different stakeholders including US Embassy today.

The workshop is attended by about 30 Journalists from different media platforms. It forms part of the many workshops organised by MISA Lesotho in an attempt to prepare Journalists fully ahead of 2022 general polls.



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