Oct 07, 2021--The Government of Lesotho through the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology is now on e-Government infrastructure phase II project.

The objectives of the project include driving digital finance and financial inclusion by improving access to consistent digital Services, especially among citizens living in rural and or unserved areas, Acting Director General ICT, Mr. Khiba Masiu has said.

He points out that this project provides various range of financial products and services for individuals, small, medium and large businesses through the expansion of digital infrastructure and services, thus leading to creating jobs so as to contribute to Lesotho’s economic growth.

Meanwhile, Mr. Masiu explains that currently they (Ministry) is hiring project team comprising Component Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager and an Accountant amongst others.

Over and above that, he said today, they will be engaging on planning session meant to map way forward in order to attain goals, objectives and targets set.

As such, it has been established that Phase II project is considered progression of Phase I, to further extend mobile coverage and extend fibre connectivity supporting its digital transformation.

The project anticipated to be completed in 2024 is funded by the Government of Lesotho and African Development Fund (ADF), it will ensure construction of 48 towers in rural areas as well as 40 e-Service centres to mention but a few.


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