July 02, 21…Rapid growth and transformation in issues of internet and information dissemination calls for the Government to rethink strategies if Lesotho is to compete with the outside world.

This was said by Mr. Emmanuel Lesoma when officiating Principal Secretaries inception workshop on the digital transformation project (e-Government Phase II) on behalf of the Government Secretary (GS) in Maseru today.

He points out that the purpose of the workshop is to amongst others discuss with participants issues of e-Government with key focus on standardisation.

Therefore, he highlights the need for the Principal Secretaries to effectively participate in this workshop meant to ensure digitalisation of services in different Ministries so as to meet up with today’s changing world of technology.

“The world today uses modern technologies as a means for social interactions, handling issues of education and health to mention but a few hence Lesotho Government is also opting for this project as a mechanism to fast track this process,” he stresses.

He commends the office of the Prime Minister for collaborating with the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology (MCST) in organising the workshop.

On behalf of the Ministry of Communications, Acting Principal Secretary, Mrs. ‘Mabataung Khalane said the project spearheaded by the department of ICT in the Ministry of Communications will ensure digitalisation of Government services across Ministries.

This project, she states is supported by the Government of Lesotho and African Development Bank to a tune of over $18 million. She concludes that the first phase of the project will be completed in August 2021.

In an interview, Deputy Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Katiso Ntoane assures the nation, today’s workshop come at the right time when Ministries are also striving to ensure digitalisation of services so as to meet demands of the society even those in rural areas.


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