No. Name of Bill/Law Purpose Status
1Science and Technology Bill, 2019

The Bill provides for the establishment of the Science and Technology Commission and the Science and Technology Innovation Trust Fund. The Function of the Commission is to provide advice to Government on aspects of Science and Technology and monitor and evaluate the inputs and results of Science and Technology activities. The objective of the Fund is to assist Commission in its operation of promoting Science and Technology by developing criteria for project proposal and evaluation for disbursement of funds in order to alleviate poverty through employment creation.

In Parliament
2E-Transaction and Electronic Commerce

The Bill will provide for facilitation and regulation of electronic communications and transactions, legal recognition of electronic communications , for contracts to be completed through electronic channels , for protection of consumers who buy goods and services online , for the use of electronic signatures , for the Promotion digital servicers within government and for electronic retention of records

Drafting Stage
3Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill

The bill will provide for: Offences committed by using electronic and communication devices and networks, designation and protection of critical information infrastructure , establishment of the following bodies:

  • National Cybersecurity Council which shall be responsible to advice the Government on issues regarding cybersecurity incidents and management and promote cybersecurity awareness
  • National Cybersecurity Incident Response Team which will be responsible to provide the Government with cyber security intelligence, alerts, warnings, technical assistance, eradication of threats, recovery from cyber-attacks.
Drafting Stage

To be a vibrant information hub, leaders in technology and research moving toward a prosperous, innovative, stable and sustainable democracy and knowledge based society